Schockemöhle Equitus Theta Bridle

$429.00 USD


Schockemöhle Equitus Theta Bridle - Black/Silver / Cob is currently out-of-stock. Please refer to description for Pre-Order delivery time.


This innovative new member of Schockemöhle Sport's  Equitus family has been specially developed for riding without a bit as well as bitless work with the horse. The familiar shape of the Equitus noseband is cut slightly wider in this model, with a slight reinforcement for a stable fit and soft pressure distribution on the nose bone. For bitless riding the reins are buckled directly into the perfectly positioned nylon reinforced D-rings. 

  • Innovative 3-in-1 Bridle: thanks to the separately available cheek pieces (with buckle or hook & stud),the bridle can be used not only bitless but also with a bit. It is also possible to use the bridle with two pairs of reins (semi bridle)
  • Bitless version based on the innovative principle of the Equitus bridles
  • reinforced noseband, cut a little wider
  • D-rings at noseband for the reins, reinforced with nylon
  • pin for attaching the cheek pieces
  • Anatomically cut to bypass horse's main facial nerve with it's curved noseband.
  • Softly padded headpiece for maximum freedom for the ears.
  • Browband is extra-curved & extra-wide to avoid pressure in eye & ear areas.


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