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Ego7 CONTACT, pioneering no-closure boot. It adheres perfectly, supports the leg, offers maximum contact and breathability. Made with the most innovative Technical knit mesh, it provides lightness, superior breathability features and full freedom of movement. The compression effect absorbs the strain, increases blood flow and muscle oxygenation reducing fatigue. Size fitting is simplified, covering a wider size range. It can be hand washed with mild soap like a textile garment.

The hot melt technology patches support the leg, providing ideal grip and outstanding tear and wear resistance. EGO7 iconic 3-L spur rest safely secure spurs to the right position, power control guaranteed. Elegance and captivating Italian design enhance the pioneering style. All elements work seamlessly to combine functionality with aesthetics. The opposed blade profile ensures secure hold to the stirrup while shock absorption is engineered to improve balance and comfort.

The unique materials & design of this boot allows it to accommodate size variations with only 2 calf & height selections per foot size. Refer to our Size guide for your best fit.  


Color: black

    Measure / Order Instructions
    Measuring instructions for Ego 7's Ready-to-Wear Line of Tall Boots are listed below.  Find your shoe size with the International Size Chart then use the measuring instructions and charts below to determine your Height/Calf size. (Size chart tab above).  If you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help!
    Ego7 Boot Measurement Guide | Malvern Saddlery

    Product Care

    Hand wash with mild soap like a textile garment.