Introducing Dean Davidson Jewelry to our Life Style Collections. Featuring high quality semi-precious & manmade gemstones, each piece is a timeless classic design that will elevate any style.


Gold: All of Dean Davidson gold jewelry is cast out of the highest quality brass and plated in 22 karat gold. Their signature brushed finish gives a distinct and luxurious feel to each design.

Silver: Dean Davidson silver pieces are cast out of high-quality brass and plated in palladium, a nickel-free precious metal. As part of the platinum group, palladium is highly durable and ideal for showcasing our signature brushed finish.


Semi-Precious: Dean Davidson's semi-precious gemstones are rare, ethically sourced and hand cut from naturally occurring materials, giving each individual stone its own unique color. Note: stone color per piece may vary.

Man-Made: With a lower environmental impact than naturally mined gemstones, Dean Davidson's Man-Made stones are a highly durable alternative offering

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We stock a rotating selection of dean davidson jewelry & offer many of the icon styles with gem & style options. please allow 7-10 days for delivery of selections that are available for pre-order.

Behind the Brand

Dean Davidson creates timeless jewelry with a global perspective. Each design is truly unique in its careful craftsmanship, featuring hand-cut gemstones and signature brushed finish that become synonymous with the brand. Rooted in Canada and inspired by world travels, the brand's story is as remarkable as the designs themselves.