FRANCO TUCCI bespoke collection


Malvern Saddlery is proud to be an authorized fitter and retailer for Tucci Boots.

Franco Tucci is indeed the most luxurious equestrian footwear world
wide.  Only the highest quality, Italian manufacturing expertise,
creativity and smart design, at the service of individuals happy not to
sacrifice elegance and style for comfort and performance.


Your Made to Measure experience begins by booking an appointment with us. 

You can do this by calling our store at 610-695-9980 during
business hours, email us at or visiting our appointment page.


Tucci wooden boot trees are completely made by hand & are available to order with your Made-to-Measure order.

They are an actual mold of your leg, which will allow the shape of the boot to remain true at all times. The wood will absorb the moisture from the lining of your boot after you wear them and prevent the leather from drying out. This option needs to be ordered at the same time we measure for your custom boots. 


Both Tucci & Malvern Saddlery take pride in the ability to meet your performance and style requests. We will introduce you to the many materials and options available for you to create something quite unique. 

Below you will find a sample of these materials, styles and options that will be available to you in your process. Our fitting and ordering process will provide you the opportunity to access our expertise and experience with these exquisite boots.


Malvern Saddlery will be here to deliver consistent, prompt & expert
customer service throughout your experience.  We will guide you through your purchase, unboxing, first wear and care of your Tucci
Made-to-Measure boots.


Your boot details are kept in order to provide immediate assistance for repair, alterations or reproduction of the perfect fit.


Choose from this gorgeous array of Tucci Bespoke Styles to begin . To learn more about individual styles, click on a slide.

Tucci Time Ready-to-Wear Tall Boot & Paddock Boot Styles are also available for personalization.


An endless choice list to satisfy any
performance and style request. 

Create something unique like yourself.

How to Wear Tucci Boots for the First Time

View our Malvern Moments blog for essential tips on zipping your Tucci boots up the first time out of the box.