LeMieux Kudos Clear Arc Bridle

$288.00 USD


Expertly crafted bridle work in European leather with stitching details and rolled features, this groundbreaking bridle is designed to minimize pressure on the delicate areas of your horse's face.

The S-shaped 'arc' noseband sites pressure around three areas of the nose, away from the sensitive cheeks and teeth, while preventing your horse from crossing its jaw.

An anatomically shaped padded headpiece leaves clearance behind the ears, with a padded browband for comfort.

A crank-style closure and comfort pad on the upper noseband continue the careful placement of pressure on the head.

FEI Eventing (all phases), FEI Showjumping and FEI Dressage compliant where a snaffle bridle is permitted.

Sold without reins.  Recommend LeMieux Magna Grip Reins.