Equine Wash

$39.95 USD


    Equine Wash (TM) is great for equine massage therapy.  It's a warm soothing liniment used to relax tense, fatigued muscles  or your equine athlete.

    It aids the masseur or adjustor in prepping the body for massage routine, passive stretches or alignment.  A therapist may find that all the benefits of this liniment will be used to it's optimum in full stretch form.

    To apply for a session, wipe In a downward motion to warm the body and prepare for therapeutic treatment.  Massage with strokes directed to the muscle groups and direction of muscle fibers.

    For daily care, use after workout, 2 oz of Equine Wash (TM) for every gallon of water. Excellent when used after work for an all over body relaxer

    This classic formula assists in magnetic, laser, ultrasound, acupressure and electrical stimulation therapy.  Shake Well.

    Ingredients: Alcohol, soy oil, camphor, clove oil, cassia oil, menthol, lecithin, turpentine oil.