Tucci Half Chap Classic


SKU: 4856-aa

The Tucci Classic Half Chap is a best seller! This popular item offers a very fitted calfskin half chap, which is designed to wear with any of the Tucci Paddock Boots. They are very shaped through the ankle and integrate to the shoe so as to create a very plausible tall boot substitute.

Sizing Note: Calf sizes are in centimeters

  • xs– (short) 27.5-30.5 cm
  • xs and xs+ (tall)  28.2-31.2 xm 
  • Small– (short), Small, Small+ (tall), Small++ (xtall) 31.3-34.3
  • Med– (short), Med, Med+ (tall), Med++ (xtall) 34.4-37.4
  • Large,Large+(Tall),Large++(Xtall) 37.5-40.4
  • XL,XL+(Tall),XL++(Xtall) 40.5-43.5