We often encounter riders with ‘big goals’ but few have the true passion to see them through.

Then there is Meg Pellegrini.

In a moment of serendipity and in a true small world fashion, I had a chance meeting with Meg Pellegrini’s parents who had flown out from their home in California looking for a potential farm property in Pennsylvania . They had an appointment to look at a farm that I had previously had the privilege of leasing for almost 32 years as I ran my breeding program. They indicated that they were looking in the area because they had a daughter who had already moved to the area and was in a serious training program for 3-day eventing with an eye for the future.

Fast forward to last year, when I had the pleasure of meeting Meg at our store in Malvern, PA. She was all of 16 years old at that time.  The conversation was something I would have been impressed to have with a professional twice her age! It was abundantly clear that this young lady was laser focused and a true student of the sport.

Meg Pellegrini competing at the inaugural Maryland 5-Star, October 2021

Competing at the inaugural Maryland 5-Star, October 2021

Meg started riding at the young age of 5.  She started in hunters and then moved forward into eventing when her family relocated to California. Clearly the passion kicked in.  With so much of the 3-day eventing community located here on the East Coast and specifically in Chester County, Pa, Meg moved to the area to begin training with Lillian Heard, who works  out of Boyd and Silva Martins great Windurra USA facility.

Meg has competed up to FEI CC13* level and is continuing to grow.  We just had the privilege of watching her compete at the Inaugural Maryland CC13*L where she finished as the 2021 National Young Rider Champion and 4th place overall!

Meg Pellegrini-2021 National Young Rider Champion, Maryland 5-Star 2021

Taking a victory lap as the 2021 National Young Rider Champion at Maryland 5-Star event in Elkton, MD.

Plenty busy with a string of young horses coming along and her top horse proving his talent through their bond, this young equestrian athlete has a future with the United States team in her sights and we see no reason why that could be a reality for this great young superstar!

Wishing Meg continued success. 

October 23, 2021 — Jill Apfelbaum

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