It is so easy to start a conversation with, ‘These kids today……..’ and have it reflect values and habits that lack the connection to our sport that has made the great rides from our past shine through.

This past Fall I had the pleasure of helping a young lady get fitted for her first pair of tall riding boots. What I found instantly refreshing about this particular encounter was the  excitement and recognition that this was a BIG deal and a ‘rite of passage’ as this young rider was emerging from the pony ring into her future in the junior hunters.

Successfully fitting her in two different boots she was left to decide which pair she wanted and she turned to her mother for guidance. Her mothers reply was, ‘they both look beautiful, it is YOUR money so you can get whatever you like.’

We don’t hear that too often, I walked away to let her decide and she came to the front desk with the Tucci boots she loved the best and proceeded to put her hard earned money down onto the counter.

She never made mention of how she acquired these funds and was a bit shy, so her Mom finally said that she had to brag about this special daughter of hers.

It turns out that Ava was aware that she was going to need tall boots as she started her adventure with her new 4 year old Mechlenburg, 'Raisin’ who is her first partner coming off of ponies.

At the age of 12, she set out to start her own business designing and baking a fantastic line of horse treats known as ‘Perfect Pony Pops.'

After researching ingredients and baking techniques, she used her creativity to decorate these special, individual treats in a variety of charming themes and presented them in great packaging with her own logo.

After her ride at the horse shows she attended she would roll up her sleeves and set up pop-up shops. She would work for the rest of the day to sell her Pony Pops to her friends and fellow horsemen.

Hard work paid off and Ava is now sporting gorgeous new boots and I am delighted to represent her great product in our store in Malvern!

Ava is as dedicated to her riding and her horse as she is to her business and it will be great fun to watch her continue her pursuits.

January 02, 2020 — Jill Apfelbaum

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