We are surrounded every day with enthusiastic  young riders that have caught the ‘horse bug’. It is always fun to see that pure enthusiasm and where it ultimately takes them

In the case of Katie Pugliese, I would say it was a little more than a ‘bug’ that got her and from when we dressed her at 6 years old to take her first riding lesson we have watched the evolution of a young rider that is destined for big things. Under the coaching and encouragement of Diane Little, Katie, at the age of 14, recently caught the eye of Dianne Langer, the chef d’equipe of the USA Children’s team and was asked to represent the USA in the Nations Cup in British Columbia. That was this Summer and Katie along with her talented team mates brought home the ‘gold’ and an experience of a lifetime. Katies long term goals are to represent the USA on the big International stages of Aachen, Hickstead, with hopes of someday having an Olympic experience.

Katie has an insatiable quest for understanding and knowledge, she is a true student of the sport. We have spent hours together in the store together discussing the form and function of every product, bit, saddle, show jacket  etc, all so she can make an informed decision for herself and her horses. I absolutely love those discussions and admire Katie so much for her curiosity, tenacity and true dedication. She is not driven by trends and social media noise she, at this very young age has found her own place and her own voice which is very rare to see in our industry today.

We look forward to following this talented young lady as she grows into the sport she is so clearly passionate about.

Katie's Stats:

  • 2011: Started riding at the age of 6

  • 2013: Started showing

  • 2016: Started training with Diane Little moving into the ‘rated shows’ and the start of  the jumper divisions

  • Attended clinics with Anne Kursinski and George Morris

  • 2017: Competed for the first time at WEF

  • 2018: leased ‘Bowser’ from Kristen Vanderveen

  • 2019: Competed “Bowser ‘ at WEF placing in the top 3 consistently for the season

  • March 2019: approached by DiAnne Langer to join the children’s team competing in the Nation’s Cup for the USA in British Columbia

  • Nations Cup put in 3 clear rounds to help seal the gold for the USA along with her talented team mates

  • Present: Just acquired an exciting new mount looking forward to competing at WEF 2020

August 19, 2019 — Jill Apfelbaum

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