Owner Jill Apfelbaum & 4-Star Eventer Amanda Beale Clement demonstrate the versatility of KEP Italia's Cromo 2.0 for Cross Country, Arena Jumping & Dressage.


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Video Transcript:  It’s hard to believe, but it is a time of year again, like next week time of year again. The Maryland Five Star is coming up and we’re so excited, obviously we’re going to be there. We were there year one and two and we wouldn't miss it.

I’m here right now with Amanda Beale -Clement and I know you think it's staged, but it was a little coincidence. She came in to pick up her new Tucci boots, which are fabulous, I have to say. They look very, very stunning. And we're getting her ready in time for her competitions as well. I wanted to talk to you really quickly about the Kep helmets because we will be having them at the Maryland Five Star.

For you people that are competing in three phases of competition, we introduced this 2.0 version a couple of years ago with Amanda, Amanda is sponsored by Kep for lots of good reasons and nobody in her barn wears anything but [KEP] for lots of good reasons.

But the 2 .0 version is so important and for eventing and with the eventing coming up, I want you to understand why. In the past, as Amanda, you know, you would have to have a skull cap for your cross -country to have a different hat for stadium jumping and we used to wear top hats for a dressage, but that's gone too.

So there's a lot of moving pieces. Safety being the most important factor, let's get you one fabulous helmet and a helmet that can convert itself for all phases.

 So in the 2 .0, which Amanda's wearing a version of the 2 .0, which I designed for you to see, so you see it on her now, which looks great. We pop that visor off, she's now ready for her cross -country.

If she's going to be riding in the stadium and it's very sunny or she just is more comfortable with a wider brim, we get you a wide brim and you have a wide brim, you have a regular brim, you have a skull cap.

 So you have one helmet with three purposes and you have one of the safest helmets that's in the market. This is the only helmet that has a five -point harness on it.

It has the removable liners, which we all know and love because we can wash them. And style -wise, we can help you, we can design all kinds of fabulous things, but the most important thing is the safety, the comfort, and I wish you so much luck next week.

 It's going to be pretty exciting. It's that time again. It is. Thank you. I'm so excited to be sporting cap from Malvern Savory. Thank you, bye -bye.


October 16, 2023 — Jill Apfelbaum

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