Sharing a wonderful surprise visit to our store last month!  Author & Master of Red Rocks Hounds stopped in to Malvern Saddlery to shop for a hat.  We were pleased that we had the perfect hat for her and also to hear about her amazing story.  Malvern will soon be carrying her book online & in-store. 

 shop the Maverick Crusher Hat.

Video Transcript:

This is a totally unexpected surprise, but we just got a visit today from Lynn Lloyd, who is the author of Seven Sets of Horseshoes, an American journey. Lynn is from Nevada.

 She is actually the master of Red Rock Hounds, and is here visiting. She's going to be hunting with Radnor tomorrow and came in for a new hat, which we happen to just have, which is great.

 I think she wears it well, obviously it goes with the whole whole get -up, which is just so Nevada and so fabulous. But I really am honored because we're going to be carrying her book, and the book is a tale of her journeys,

 having traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast on horseback, and the tales of it are inside, and it's just wonderful. So we will be carrying the book, which is great, but to have her here today is just,

 is a spectacular. So Lynn, I want to welcome you number one. Thank you. Thank you for having me, so I love my hat. Well, there you go. There you go. I'm so happy we could actually do that for you on the East Coast.

 So that's, that's wonderful. And of course, you're going to Radnor tomorrow. And traditional, it's not, but by tomorrow she will be in full, full hunting gear. Of course. We have the West in full gear.

 We don't, you don't do this all the time. Yeah, if you go and look Lynn up in some of her YouTube videos, you can, you can see the history of Red Rock and, you know, she has over a hundred hounds.

 She has over a hundred horses. She’s a pretty fascinating lady. And we're just so tickled to have her here. So we want to wish you much, much luck in your, your hunt tomorrow and enjoy your stay on the East Coast.

 Thanks for having me. The store is just great. Thank you so much. We appreciate it. And look forward to seeing this on our website soon because we will have it. And it's a great stocking stuffer for Christmas. It's a great read. Thanks so much.

November 19, 2023 — Jill Apfelbaum

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