Available Sizes –  Order by your horse’s halter size.

*order down if you are in between.

  • Mini/Pony: Larger Miniature horses up to large pony.
  • Cob/Horse: Cob, Arabian, Quarter Horse, small horses.
  • Oversize/Draft: Larger horses, drafts, warmbloods.

About Grazing Muzzle Hole Sizes. Good to know!

flexible filly muzzle

Every horse’s needs are different so we offer you a fully customizable grazing hole for all metabolic and environmental issues. Our 2 grazing hole sizes: Standard 3.5+cm & Restricted 2.5+cm. May be enlarged as needed.

  • The Grazing hole size you need is a function of BOTH the grass type (wide blade grasses require a larger hole size) and the degree you want to reduce intake.
  • The types of grass your horse is on should be considered when selecting grazing hole size.  Southern grasses like Bermuda are very thin. Wider bladed grasses such as fescue will need a larger grazing hole size to allow the thick blade in.  Place your grazing hole on the grass and make sure some grass can get in.

Industry Standards:

The industry manufacturing standard for grazing muzzles is ±3.5 cm, a bit larger than our Standard Size.

Veterinarian recommendations for safe grazing in a grazing muzzle:

  • 3.5 to 4 cm grazing hole for 24/7, full-time grazing. Standard.
  • 2+ cm for Restricted grazing; Laminitis, equine metabolic syndromes. Restricted.