Schockemöhle Air Shock Tendon Boot

$115.00 USD


Schockemohle Air Shock Tendon Boots

Schockemohle Air Shock Tendon Boots are protective open front horse boots that offer a comfortable, secure fit. Air Shock Tendon Boots feature elastic straps with hook closures. The exterior is a durable hard shell. The strike zone has a sealed polymer pocket with compressed gas cushion that dissipates impact. The air bag compression reacts to impact then returns to its original shape and volume.

  • Air Shock cushioning system
  • Air hole ventilation
  • Neoprene lining
  • TPU hook fasteners
  • Olive, Midnight, White, 

Schockemohle Air Shock Tendon Boots have two elastic straps with hook closure tabs. The ergonomic design of the tab ends creates a nice low profile. There are air holes that ventilate to prevent heat buildup. A soft neoprene lining adds to the shock absorption and is comfortable and smooth against the horse's leg.  One Size