Veredus Carbon Gel Open Front Boot

$289.95 USD


Veredus Carbon Gel Open Front Tendon Boots by Marcus Ehning are the ULTIMATE in tendon and fetlock protection. THE MOST advanced horse boot with carbon fiber and gel technology makes these the best fitting and performing open front boot for jumpers. Innovative Features Include:

ANATOMIC DESIGN gives more freedom of movement to knee and fetlock, while providing maximum comfort and support. DUAL DENSITY SHELL provides more protection. The main shell is composed of semi-rigid polyurethane while the rear X" Shape is rigid polyurethane. (this applies only to the front boots.) THE CARBON represents an impenetrable barrier against any type of dangerous objects, providing transmission of shocks and impacts by 40%. Gel lining in the strike plate provides the ultimate in shock protection.QUICK RELEASE FERRULE TIPS with narrowing hook Choose: Black or Brown