Samshield Premium Helmet

$690.00 USD


The Samshield Classic Helmet Collection, uses advanced technology for your safety and comfort.  This line of helmets is taking over the market in all disciplines.

  • Fitted with removable memory foam liners that can be easily washed in the machine and put back the next day,this is a great option for getting a comfortable fit with the practicality of keeping your head and helmet fresh at all times.
  • Ventilation in this helmet is very effective and the angled leather harness from the base of your skull forward will eliminate any rotation  on your head. 
  • This helmet has been a very good choice for the more traditional hunter classes and a great compliment to the whole look. 
  • Microsuede 'Alcantara' helmet body & top.
  • Available Colors*
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Navy
    • Gray
    • *(Stocked in Black // all other colors by special order)