Royal Rider Concept Safety Stirrup


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Royal Rider Concept is a safety stirrup with flexible side opening that releases the foot during unplanned dismounts and other dangerous situations. The safety release branch will return to its original position automatically. The main body of the RR Concept is durable techno-polymer that is extremely strong and low maintenance.

  • Made in Italy
  • Rubber flexible quick release outer branch
  • DuPont polymer construction
  • Stainless steel grip plate
  • Wide footbed

The quick release RR Concept safety stirrup offers excellent grip, proper foot positioning, and a very comfortable feel. The flexible outer branch is slightly narrower than the inner branch. The stirrup eye is 1.25" wide to accommodate wider stirrup straps. Each stirrup weighs approximately 18.7 ounces, a good weight for stability in multiple disciplines. The Royal Rider Concept Stirrup has a stainless steel knobby grip plate. The sharp pyramid shaped grips offer superior security for the rider's foot.

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