Horse Pilot Backpack

$270.00 USD


Horse Pilot's "Pilot" Backpack is a groom backpack that is both highly functional and durable. This very versatile piece of gear will accompany you throughout any of your adventures: in competition, in the stables, in the city and in all your travels.

Designed for grooms and riders who need a highly versatile and functional backpack to accompany them both in the stables and during competitions. Its ergonomic shape and light design allow for optimum weight distribution on the back.
With its 25-liter capacity and multiple storage compartments, you can easily carry all the equipment you need.
The bag can be opened completely flat or held open at 90° with straps. It can be hung in the stall or worn as an apron to easily work around your horse.

  • Durable and waterproof material

    to protect your belongings

  • Waterproof zips

    to safeguard your bag’s contents

  • Ergonomic, functional and adjustable shoulder and chest straps

    to distribute the weight evenly on the back

  • Fidlock® magnetic buckle

    for fast opening and closing

  • Quick access zipper opening on the side

    for easy access to the main compartment without putting the bag down

  • 90° opening

    to allow for full opening, like a suitcase

  • Suspension handle

    to hang the bag

  • Internal straps

    to keep the bag securely open at 90° when standing or hanging

  • External storage spaces

    straps and pockets to store your gear and personal belongings

  • Adjustable interior volume

    removable dividers to customise your storage space according to your needs

  • Large storage capacity

    Main volume: 25 litres. Roll-top volume: 5 liters.