Horse Pilot Airbag Leash

$85.00 USD

Product Care

Clean with a damp sponge and let air dry.
Do not soak or dry clean.


Airbag leash compatible with the Twist'Air AirBag Vest.  Purchase extra leashes to be able to equip several saddles. Attach it to the stirrup blades on each side of the saddle.

The straps can adjust to the rider's preferred length while on horseback. The cable that connects the rider to the saddle is magnetized; it can be connected and disconnected single-handed, so the rider does not have to let go of the reins. A red pull tab serves as a reminder to the rider to disengage the airbag before dismounting.

Now Available in 2 lengths:

  • Short - 39cm (15.3 in) - better adapted for shorter riders or smaller horses
  • Standard - 43cm (16.9 in) - standard - same as the leash that comes with Twist'Air Airbag