Herm Sprenger Satinox Single Jointed D-Ring Bit



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The Herm Sprenger Satinox Single Jointed D-Ring Bit offers an anatomically correct fit to optimize the communication between horse and rider.  Satinox bits are ergonomically shaped and made of high-quality stainless steel with a satin mouthpiece for a comfortable feel against the horse's tongue. The curved shape provides the tongue plenty of room while also distributing even pressure for direct and precise communication.  The single-jointed construction lies steady in the horse's mouth while the D-rings provide lateral support. This versatile bit is a great choice for all types of horses, disciplines, and training levels.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Shape Allows for Even Distribution of Pressure
  • Fits Anatomically Correct Between Tongue & Palate
  • Excellent Processing & Tested Material Quality
  • Direct & Precise Effect
  • Direct Pressure Transmission on the Tongue & Lower Jaw Due to Fixed Rings
  • Lies Steady in the Horse's Mouth
  • Offers Lateral Support 
  • USEF, USDF, and FEI Dressage Legal (Snaffle Bridle Only)

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