Fager Felicia Titanium Weymouth Bit

$189.95 USD $236.00

Shank Size

Fager's Felicia Bit is a comfortable high-ported, back-angled Weymouth constructed in Titanium & using Fager's unique Anoblast(TM) manufacturing process.

Designed to be bent with a 45o angle over the tongue, allowing the tongue additional space and freedom, encouraging the horse to work forward and down into the contact.

The chain is important to evenly disperse the pressure between the mouth, poll & chin.

Fager Felicia is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Needs to come forward towards the bit
  • Sensitive to tongue pressure
  • Finds it difficult to relax in a double bridle
  • has a conformationally small mouth, smaller than standard horses

Material:  Titanium mouthpiece with stainless steel shanks

Hooks & Chains included.

Fager Felicia is Approved for Competition by both FEI Dressage & USEF Dressage

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Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.