Equipe Soft Care

$42.00 USD


Two in one....

Soft Care from Equipe is designed for daily use or for quick cleaning during competitions. It is a complete cleaner and conditioner to remove dirt and oils and leave leather moisturized and supple. Daily Soft Care cleaner should be supplemented on occasion with a deeper cleaning using Equipe Soft Clean followed by Equipe Soft Grease (for heavy duty waterproofing and protection) or Equipe Soft Oil. All Selleria Equipe leather care products are formulated specifically to care for Equipe fine tack. These high-quality leather cleaners and conditioners work together to ensure your saddle, bridle, reins, and other horse tack are cared for in a way that fulfills the Equipe warranty. Equipe Soft Care is the daily cleaner and conditioner you will use most frequently.