Malvern Saddlery owner Jill Apfelbaum recently caught up with eventer Amanda Beale Clement just before Arena Eventing at the prestigious Devon horse show to present EGO7’s new Contact Boot.  Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, the beating heart of the US Eventing community, Devon was the perfect place to present this boot. 


The release of this boot has been much anticipated.  It is an innovative design that Franco Tucci has been working on for more than 2 years; a technical tall boot to replace your paddock & half chaps as your everyday stable boots. 

Jill presents the medium size shoe box and exclaims “Tall Boots, people – this is tall boots”.  Taking the boots out of the box, she proceeds to roll down the boot from the top and then places them for Amanda to quickly & easily slip her foot in then pull the top up her calf.  The result is a beautifully fitted tall boot with lots of ‘contact’ throughout the leg.

To find your perfect fit in this boot you will need your foot size, height & one of only 2 calf sizes.  These boots will travel well & wash well.  They will be perfect for anyone who rides horses!

Watch the full video introduction below.  Then shop this exciting new boot!



June 08, 2023 — Jill Apfelbaum

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