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Transcribed text from video with minor edits:

This is another Malvern Moment, as it were. About a year ago, I did a little video for all of you on a material called D 30. The reason that I brought it to your attention at that point was because we were talking about the Invictus Half Pad.

The Invictus Pad is a half pad that's made in Germany. And the sole purpose of this half pad is to not to change the fit of your saddle, but to be 100% shock absorbent. And it is indeed, it's one of my best selling half pads for that very reason. [12/2023 Note: Unfortunately this half pad is no longer available]

That being said, I became very familiar with D 30 and also very excited about it. It's a material that is used in a lot of things. It's used in the military. It's used in the flak jackets that the soldiers wear. On the outside of their vest, they have a product like Kevlar, typically, on the outside, so nothing can penetrate the vest. And then on the inside, they have D 30. And the D 30 is to absorb the shock. So that's major, major shock when you put that in perspective. And the amount of shock that we absorb in our half pads and the vest that I'm going to show you isn't nearly as needed. It's almost overkill, but overkill in a very good way.

I want to familiarize you with the product again as I introduce the All Shot Air vest. This is a product we've just brought in from France. It's another Air vest that we're going to be carrying. And the only reason to bring in a new product is if there's something that it offers that you don't already have. So the addition that this wonderful Air vest brings to us is that the back panel of the Air vest has an insert, and that insert is D 30. You're getting the advantage of the inflation of the Air vest, which we're all familiar with at this point, and the shock absorbency of the D 30 panel. I'm going to show you D 30 right now, real quick.

So D 30, this is just a great little example. And it's this color [orange], so you can see it a little bit better. So I'm not sure if you can see this or not, but when there is no shock to the product,  my little finger imprints, it almost feels like Silly Putty, So as you're putting your finger in it, that's what it feels like. It's yielding, it's giving. So when there is no shock to it, you don't feel something rigid against your body. It just moves with you. The same happens with a half pad. And the molecules of this product stay open to allow that to happen. What happens when there is a shock or an assault to the material? I'm going to ask Andra to get in here real close.I 'm going to hit this as hard as I can. And this is a firm mallet. I can't make a dent in this if I try.  What happens now is there's been an assault, okay? And the assault is something that needs to be absorbed. And so the molecules lock up, and when they lock up, it's 100% shock absorbent, and you are protected from that shock. So this is what's in the back panel oft his air vest, which we're excited to introduce. I'm going to give you another great example back to the saddle pad issue. So, a lot of saddle pads are foam based. So when something is foam based, it has a function, but it's not for shock absorption and people mistake it that it is. So I'm going to take this ball bearing, I'm going to drop it on a foam pad, a foam pad, literally. And can you see it bouncing when it bounces? That's saying to you, it hasn't absorbed anything. The shock is coming right back at you, right back at your horse, right back at whatever you think you're protecting. Watch what happens when I put it on a solid D 30. Boom. Dead. So it has now absorbed 100% of the shock. I'm not going to feel it as a rider in case of the pad, your horse is not going to feel it on his back. So this material is really significant, and the fact that it's been brought into the equine industry, to me, is a very exciting thing. It's already proven itself to me with the invictus pad. I've been doing this pad for five or six years now with great results. Now I'm just excited to have this All Shot Air Vest to offer you as an alternative. The other nice thing about it is they are offering this in children's sizes, which I've been waiting for something for quite a while that's really suitable for children. There is a 40 pound weight minimum for a child to use it and have it be effective, which is pretty reasonable. That fits proportion great and it has all the same features as the adult. The adult we brought in, in a fabric that's just a little bit more high tech. It's called outlast, and it's temperature regulating, and that just takes it to another level for the adults as well. But it's the D 3 O I wanted to talk about and bring to your attention that that is now available in an air vest for you and hope this helps you make some good decisions. Thanks so much.

March 18, 2023 — Jill Apfelbaum

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