Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge Lift

$242.00 USD


This bit offers extra lift from the shoulder and increases control without discomfort or severity. This clever cheek also reinforces directional control and turning, and stabilises the mouthpiece ensuring the correct contact points are employed at all times when rein aids are applied. The NS Tranz mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for both comfort and communication. The rounded lozenge/bean is set on at a unique 20° angle activating more feel over the tongue. When a contact is taken, the lozenge rolls gently down contouring smoothly over the tongue’s thicker less sensitive centre (the sweet spot), utilizing feel but not abusing it, thereby enabling clearly defined aids to be given through the reins. The arms are slightly curved for comfort and of an oval profile. This clever design takes up less room between the tongue and upper palate whilst offering a similar weight bearing surface from the horse’s perspective as thicker, more obtrusive circular profile mouthpieces. This ergonomic design very subtly depresses the whole of the tongue and the oval profiles help to create a larger upper airway, enhancing the horse’s ability to breathe and swallow.

Please note, due to health considerations these bts are not returnable once they have been used