Fager Kasper Sweet Iron Bradoon Fixed Rings Bit

By Fager


Fager's Kasper Sweet Iron Bradoon is a single-jointed sweet taste bit in Grey Sweet Iron.  The Sweet Iron will encourage a young or unbalanced horse to take the bit and carry it correctly.  The 100% smooth design around the joints provides a very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue.

If you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Pulling on the bit, but overreact on too much pressure
  • Unsteady and sensitive
  • Needs to seek the bit more
  • Easily gets wounds
Material:  Stainless steel with sweet iron coating

No Lockup effect.

Fager Kasper Fixed Ring Bradoon is Approved for Competition by both FEI Dressage & USEF Dressage.

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Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.

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