Fager Julia Sweet Iron Baby Fulmer Bit

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Fager's Julia bit is a double-jointed Sweet Iron bit which creates space for the tongue, relieving constant tongue pressure. 

Baby Fulmer sidepieces provide the horse with extra stability whilst assisting any steering issues.

The copper roller on the Julia bit is cleverly designed to be positioned lower than the joints to increase the point-pressure on the tongue.  This creates pressure when your horse pulls or feels heavy in your hand without applying consistent pressure.  The copper roller also give the horse something to play with, perfect for horses who can feel numb to the contact.

The combination of Sweet Iron and Copper creates a taste in the mouth which is readily accepted even by the most sensitive or picky horses.  It effectively works to increase acceptance and a steady contact.

Fager Julia is suitable if you would describe your horse as the following;:

  • strong, pulls/leans on the bit
  • sensitive to the aids yet still feels stiff
  • inconsistent in the contact
  • has difficultly finding a bit in this horse is happy

Material:  Stainless steel with sweet iron coating.

Fager Julia Baby Fulmer is approved for competition by FEI & USEF.

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Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.

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