Thin Line Grazing Muzzle

$88.00 USD

Size Guide
Muzzle Size
Product Care

First, you can place the horse muzzle in a net washing bag and wash it in cold water with detergent and a teaspoon of bleach.
Second, more extended clean, stick it in a bucket with dish soap and a cap full of bleach.


The Flexible Filly slow feed grazing muzzle is designed to be softer, lighter, and less behaviorally restrictive.


  • Safe and pliable food-grade material.
  • Infused UV skin protection.
  • No wear on equine teeth, comfortably soft on lips.
  • Well-ventilated, lightweight, flexible.
  • 2 grazing hole size options that can be modified to be larger.

Equine Behavioral Effects

  • Radically improves the horses’ ability to live a normal herd life in a muzzle.
  • Returns behaviors like wither scratching and play.
  • No fussing when putting the muzzle on.

Horse Owner Benefits

  • Your horse is both safe and comfortable.
  • You get the correct grazing hole size for all seasons, grass types, and hay.
  • Easy hydration with any bucket, trough, or automatic waterer.
  • Clear for easy monitoring.
  • You get to see your horse happy in a grazing muzzle.