Schockemöhle Stanford Dressage Bridle


  • The Schockemöhle Stanford bridle comes from the Schockemöhle advance anatomic line
  • Made with a super soft, supple, and anatomic headpiece that molds to your horses head and poll helping to relieve discomfort and pressure
  • This head piece was carefully designed taking into consideration the unique structure of the horses head, nerves, and muscular structure to provide a best possible fit and high level of comfort
  • With an contoured headpiece and contoured caveson to take the pressure off the sensitive facial nerves you and your horse can focus on your ride in comfort
  • Sold with two brow bands, one suitable for every day training and use and one made with a slender row of elegant crystals suitable for the show ring
  • Hook and stud cheek pieces and full range adjust-ability on both sides of the bridle including the throat latch for a great fit

Price includes Rubber Rein