Fager Maria Titanium Baby Fulmer Bit

$139.95 USD $173.00


Fager's Maria bit is a durable and lightweight double-jointed Titanium bit.  Incredibly comfortable; featuring 100% super smooth surfaces, including the joints.

Maria’s joints are designed to never press against the sides of the palate or create uneven pressure over the bars. It is an extremely comfortable bit which contours naturally around the tongue, relieving the bars from constant pressure.

Fager’s designs are always designed to sit horizontally straight, never allowing a bigger forward bend. We design them this way to maintain the balance point (BP) in the mouth. A bigger bend forward moves the BP forward, slowing down the effectiveness of the aids. This design creates stability for the horse enabling clear communication. The unique design also protects the bars and mouth against cuts, sores, and rubs, even on sensitive horses.

NOTE: The balance point will still be maintained, even if it has a slight bend over the tongue e.g. upwards.

Recommended for horses with the following:

  • develop sores at the corners of the mouth; rubs & cuts easily
  • needs to be a bit higher in the neck
  • needs more flexibility than a straight bit
  • sensitive on the tongue.

Material:  Titanium mouthpiece with stainless steel rings

Sidepiece style: currently available in Baby Fulmer.

Fager Maria Baby Fulmer is approved for FEI & USEF Competition.

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Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.