Dean Davidson Baguette Birthstone Pendant Necklace


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Featuring a custom baguette-cut gemstone for every month, the Baguette Birthstone Necklace lets you individualize your everyday style with an effortless and easy-to-layer piece.

Gemstones: Baguette Birthstones are a combination of semi-precious and man-made stones.

Semi-Precious Stones: Dean Davidson's semi-precious gemstones are rare, ethically sourced and hand cut from naturally occurring materials, giving each individual stone its own unique color. Note: stone color per piece may vary.

  • January / Garnet
  • February / Amethyst
  • April / Crystal Quartz
  • June / Rainbow Moonstone
  • August / Peridot

Man-Made Stones: With a lower environmental impact than naturally mined gemstones, Dean Davidson's Man-Made stones are a highly durable alternative offering impeccable color consistency and a wider variety of hues.

  • March / Blue Cyan
  • May / Royal Green
  • July /  Crimson
  • September / Royal Blue
  • October / Sunset Pink
  • November / Golden Yellow
  • December / Midnight Blue