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Thinline Shims



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These Thinline inserts are universal, for use with any shimmable half pad. The shims are constructed from the same exclusive material used in the ThinLine saddle pads providing amazing shock absorption. Each shim is custom cut with a tapered edge to ensure that there are no pressure points, providing a better more comfortable fit. Shims easily adjust saddle fit in one easy step, and are designed to aid in minor saddle fitting issues with the assistance and recommendation of a qualified saddle fitter.

Product Details:

  • Will aid in the fit of an asymmetrical horse, for a saddle that may sit a little low or is slightly too big
  • Will NOT help the fit of a saddle that is too tight
  • ThinLine full or fitted English Saddle Pads.
  • Choose Shim Type: Front, Bridging (middle section), or Rear
  • Choose Shim Thickness:  ThinLine (1/4")