Invictus Performance Pad


SKU: N401

The Invictus pad has proven iteself to be at the top tier in offering maxium shock absorbancy for your horse.

D3O® XT Mesh Technology in the Invictus pad outperforms any other material in the way it can filter out all unwanted involuntary rider and saddle movements, preventing that the horse tenses its back muscles in response to too many confusing signals. Eliminating ‘noise’ will allow the horse to keep its back relaxed and focused on the signals it is supposed to receive. At minimum, we saw improvements in gaits, rideability and demeanour in our field trials in horses that had no back issues. On horses with back issues, riders felt that after using the Invictus pad continuously, the horses, being able to work without the discomfort they’ve been used to, became more and more willing to work over their backs and use their bodies in a correct and balanced manner. With the horse’s back working in the correct, positive tension, it becomes a lot easier for the rider to sit and maintain a quiet position and riders with their own back problems have reported a great improvement in their own comfort.