GPA Speed Air 2X


SKU: 1462X-a

 GPA Speed Air 2X is an update of the favorite GPA Speed Air Evolution. Conforms to the new CE (European Commission) Certification for highest safety requirements.The Speed Air is especially popular in the jumper arena for its unsurpassed safety and innovative ventilation for rider comfort. Highly technical performance materials allow GPA to make equestrian helmets that are lightweight, strong, and pleasing to the eye. GPA even manufactures helmets for European police and army use, so your helmet is definitely ready for whatever comes your way.</p>
<p>Prominent new feature is the redesigned padded premium leather harness with convenient self-locking buckle. Interior foam shell is high density polystyrene for optimal shock absorption. Segmented lining is thicker on sides than at top, giving cushioning only where you want it. Coolmax liner is removable to wash and has Sanitized antimicrobial protection. With GPA, you get the utmost head protection as well as cutting edge style. GPA test results are, on average, 20% higher than those recommended by safety standards. Helmets are also tested privately by Italian laboratories for additional safety assurance


Made in France