Ariana Jumper Bridle

$340.00 $189.95

SKU: 7601-f
  • The elegant Arianna bridle is a mix of two nosebands. It prevents lateral movements of the horse’s mouth and allows an independent function of the figure 8 with a gel center.
  • Constructed from beautiful Italian Leather that is raised and fancy stitched with lovely ivory accent stitching throughout.
  • The figure 8 noseband buckles to the crown piece on both sides creating a more secure and adjustable fit.
  • Features an anatomic padded inlaid crown for the horses comfort as well as a streamlined look.
  • Stainless Steel hardware.
  • Matching raised and fancy stitched soft grip reins included.
  • You and your horse are sure to stand out in the bridle all the while improving your ride!

Colors: Havana