Acavallo Arena Aluplus 2.0 Safety Stirrup

$349.00 USD


 New premium model of Acavallo's patented laterally opening stirrup.  Acavallo has carefully selected and combined the materials used, following detailed research.

  • high quality anodized aluminum
  • stainless steel tread to protect from corrosion
  • long horizontal holes prevent the accumulation of sand & dirt, ensuring optimal grip
  • five-degree tread inclination to help rider maintain correct position & ease joint strain
  • lock / release mechanism positioned 1 cm above the tread to prevent foot from slipping sideways.
  • safety mechanism positioned on top to prevent sand & dirt from delaying the arm's opening action in an emergency.
  • Adult size 12.5 cm

Pre-Order note:  If your selection is Out-of-Stock,  Pre-Order option will appear: please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


If selection is out-of-stock, Pre-Order option will appear. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.