Equipe Saddles

Between Horse & Rider

Between Horse & Rider

This simple idea is the basis for the entire approach to fitting an Equipe saddle. It refers to the constant communication that happens during every ride; Equipe honors that communication by a fitting process and saddles unlike any other.

Find out for yourself by scheduling a fitting with our experts.

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Exquisite Materials & Craftsmanship

Equipe saddles are crafted in Italy using the finest leathers and with finely tuned attention to detail.

Allow us to guide you to not only the perfect fit for you and your horse; we will also introduce you to the many choices and customizations that are available.

All Riders Make Choices

...With a focus on peak performance top riders, like Emily Moffit, choose Equipe Saddles to bring out the best in their horses,


Equipe offers saddles uniquely designed for your riding discipline.

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