“If you want to be excellent, surround yourself with excellence.”

Malvern Saddlery is a high-end boutique specializing in tack, saddles, riding gear, fashion & gifts. With decades of experience as an avid rider, trusted expert in the industry and personal shopper, Malvern Saddlery owner, Jill Apfelbaum, hand-selects each brand carried in the store. She often works with our vendors on product development and has insider knowledge of the equestrian community – utilizing her relationships with trainers, judges and organizers of major horse shows all over the country to ensure her customers are in-the-know and able to easily identify the products they need to excel. We take the guess work out of finding the highest-quality products on the market, and support our customers wherever they are in their riding journey.

Seeking Excellence

Paul Rollins Equipe Saddle Fitter | Malvern Saddlery

Malvern Saddlery Welcomes Paul Rollins

Malvern Saddlery is pleased to welcome Paul Rollins to our team.  Paul brings the attention to detail and quality and the expertise that you expect from us.
December 16, 2021 by Jill Apfelbaum
Meg Pellegrini jumping at Maryland 5-Star | Malvern Saddlery

Big Goals for Meg Pellegrini

We often encounter riders with ‘big goals’ but few have the true passion to see them through.

Then there is Meg Pellegrini.

October 23, 2021 by Jill Apfelbaum
Ava Frantz & Pony Pops

Ava Frantz & Pony Pops

It is so easy to start a conversation with, ‘These kids today……..’ and have it reflect values and habits that lack the connection to our sport that has made the great rides from our past shine through.
January 02, 2020 by Jill Apfelbaum