Fager Elisabeth Titanium Weymouth Bit

$169.95 USD $236.00

Shank Size

Elisabeth's mouthpiece is a durable and comfortable, lightweight low-ported Weymouth made from the fantastic material - Titanium.  The mouth piece itself is very stable, making it the perfect choice for introducing a double bridle to a horse for the first time.

The port bends forward as opposed to upwards making a significant difference; when tilted forward it allows the tongue more freedom whilst also creating more room for the Bridoon.

Fager Elisabeth is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • has sensitive bars and tongue
  • finds it difficult to relax in a double bridle
  • allows the Bridoon more freedom
  • has a conformationally small mouth, smaller than standard horses
  • easily cuts/develops sores on the bars/corners of the mouth
  • falls behind the contact in other Weymouth bits

Material:  Titanium mouthpiece with stainless steel shanks

Available with 5cm & 7cm Shank Lengths

Hooks & Chains included.

Fager Elisabeth is Approved for Competition by both FEI Dressage & USEF Dressage

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Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.