Fager Anton Titanium Loose Baucher Bit

$119.95 USD $173.00


Fager Anton is a durable, lightweight single-jointed Titanium Loose Baucher bit.

This bit has a 100% smooth surface, even around the joints.  This creates a very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue, whilst relieving constant bar pressure by having the upper ring carry the bit itself, with the loose ring on the outside. The joints will never interfere or push against the palate.

Due to the straight design and lightness of this bit, your aids will become more direct and precise.

Anton also features Fager’s NEW Anoblast™ technique; making it the most durable and highest quality Titanium bit on the market! The grey colour comes naturally from the production process.

Loose Baucher is a registered design by Fager. This sidepiece is designed to keep the mouthpiece steady.
The Loose Baucher Ring Style is recommended if you have problems with wounds in the corners of the mouth or wears on the premolars. The Loose Baucher Bit will relieve these places from constant pressure and help the horse to relax.

Fager Anton is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Easily cuts at the corners of the mouth/suffers from friction rubs and sores
  • Abnormal wear of the first cheek tooth (P2)
  • Requires more flexibility than a straight bit.
  • Has sensitive and/or pointed bars.

Anton Loose Baucher is currently approved for USEF Dressage Competition.

Material:  Titanium mouthpiece with stainless steel rings.

Learn more about Fager Bits by visiting our Fager Bits | Metals & Sidepiece Guide page.

Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.