KEP Textile Lace Helmet


Precious leathers and skins, finest quality fabrics, glitter and high tech textiles: these are the leading features of the helmet collections launched by KEP Italia in 2016 to celebrate once again its extraordinary capacity for self-reinvention, whilst always remaining loyal to its values and to its firmly established high standard of quality. Crafted leather, bright velvets, silk, denim and unique varieties of snakeskin are the materials chosen for the external overlay of the new helmets, which come in a matte varnish (textile) but can be created with a shine finish and can be customised right down to the smallest detail. Perfect helmet temperature is guaranteed by the KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM that ensures optimal ventilation by controlling the internal temperature and circulation of the air, which flows through special channels in the polystyrene. Beautiful to behold, comfortable, lightweight and safe are thus the key words to describe best this latest collection of KEP helmets. We recommend that you visit our dedicated CARE AND MAINTENANCE webpage to find out more about how to care for the helmets with special overlays (such as leather, python skin and snakeskin). Chin strap with five attachment points to the shell of the helmet. Internal Coolmax lining (for maximum breathability and comfort) that is detachable and can be washed by hand in cold water or in the machine at 30°C. Customisable using airbrushing or other techniques
weight: +/- 450 grams

LAce overlay makes a very feminine and sophisticated statement, elegent with formal attire