Tucci Half Chap Classic


SKU: 4856-aa

Tucci classic half chap , best seller!

They are  a very fitted calfskin halfchap designed to wear with any of the Tucci paddock shoes. They are very shaped through the ankle and integrate to the shoe so as to create a very plausable tall boot substitute.

Calf sizes are in centimeters

xs-(short) 27.5-30.5, xs and xs+(tall)  28.2-31.2

Small-(short),Small,Small+(tall),Small++(xtall) 31.3-34.3

Med-(short),Med,Med+(tall),Med++(xtall) 34.4-37.4

Large,Large+(Tall),Large++(Xtall) 37.5-40.4

XL,XL+(Tall),XL++(Xtall) 40.5-43.5