Fager Wilma Titanium Loose Ring Bit

$165.00 USD


Fager Wilma is a durable and lightweight jointed titanium bit without a lock system. It is a flexible bit that molds round the horses mouth, creating an even pressure.  It is moveable in all directions which prevents the horse from leaning or taking hold of it.  This gives the rider a softer feeling in the hand.

This bit is perfect for horses that can be stiff and heavy, but at the same time sensitive to harsh hands.  Smooth joints give a smooth pressure in the mouth.


Fager Wilma is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;:

  • Stiff towards the hand
  • Strong, usually leans on the bit
  • Heavy in the hand

Material:  Titanium mouthpiece with stainless steel rings

No Lockup effect

Fager Wilma bits are not approved for Competition by either FEI Dressage & USEF Dressage due to the number of joints.

Learn more about Fager Bits by visiting our Fager Bits | Metals & Sidepiece Guide page.

Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.


Please note: if size selection is back ordered, please allow 3 weeks for delivery.