Fager Gustav Sweet Iron Universal Cheek Bit

$129.95 USD $160.00


Fager's Gustav bit is constructed with a 100% super smooth surface, even around the joints which are designed not to interfere with or push against the palate.  It is a very comfortable bit that shapes naturally around the tongue and relieves the bars from constant pressure. 

Gustav is an ideal design for sensitive mouthed horses whose mouths easily develop cuts, sores, or rubs. Featuring Fager's patented Baby Fulmer cheeks, which are curved to avoide any pressure on the horse's face.  the Baby Fulmers stabilize the mouthpiece inside the mouth whilst the endings are created straight with the same thickness all the way to stabilize the rings.

Universal rings allow for variation of the leverage to suit different situations and horses.

Fager Gustav Universal is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;:

  • Inconsistent in the contact
  • Bites on the bit, trying to pull it back
  • Doesn't seek contact towards the bit
  • Drops the contact
  • Falls behind the hand

Material:  Stainless steel with sweet iron coating.

Universal sidepieces are not approved for Competition by either FEI Dressage & USEF Dressage 

Learn more about Fager Bits by visiting our Fager Bits | Metals & Sidepiece Guide page.

Return Policy:  Bits are not returnable.