Bomber Classic Dee Happy Tongue


SKU: 1610-a
  • The Happy Tongue  Dee  from Bombers Bits offers a mouthpiece designed with a medium port to create space for the tongue.
  • This relieves tongue pressure and allows the horse to relax.
  • This bit is often suitable for horses with sensitive or large tongues, who need more control than that offered by a snaffle.
  • Signs of sensitivity include the horse shaking his head when bit pressure is applied, putting the tongue out of the side of the mouth or putting the tongue over the bit.
  • size 4.75  check for stock, may have to be spcial ordered

This mouthpiece is available in a loose ring, full cheek, pelham, egg butt, 2-ring or 3-ring...please call 610-695-9980 to order