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Upon opening Malvern Saddlery 29 years ago, we established the tag line "The Difference is Quality" for our brand.

These were not merely words it was a commitment.

Quality comes not only in the products we choose, but most important in the people we select to offer the best possible professional service to our clients.

Fourteen years ago, on a trip to Italy I began an amazing relationship with Selleria Equipe Saddles. At the time all of Europe had already discovered and embraced these amazing saddles but the USA was not yet aware. I took the chance of bringing them into our assortment after getting fully trained in the product and the fitting process. It has been one of the most satisfying journeys.  In horse after horse, there is a visible and tangible difference once they start moving with the Selleria Equipe saddles.

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With that said the demand has grown as word has spread and I have attempted several times to train potential new fitters to assist but there is more to fitting then a drawing and math.

Without a special eye for balance and symmetry and knowledge of movement and conformation and the passion to blend all of the above it cannot be a successful outcome.

I am so happy to now introduce you to the perfect person to join the team:

Paul Rollins

Paul Rollins Equipe Saddle Fitter | Malvern Saddlery

Starting in Montreal as a catch rider with a light feel and instinct to bring young horses along, Paul’s passion and quest to learn more took over and he had an opportunity to apprentice as a farrier for a show barn. When he saw what a difference, he was able to make with attention to detail and the same patience that gave him success in his riding he was hooked.

After a move to the USA Paul became part of a very well-respected Farrier group specializing in sport horses in Pennsylvania. In time, he branched out on his own and I had the pleasure of having him as my farrier for 22 years in a breeding program I had. I was always impressed with his natural instincts and the time and patience he took with every baby, mare, or performance horse to be sure at the end he had done what was best for them.

Last spring, Paul told me he was ready to hang up the anvil and forge for a well-deserved retirement.

Somehow, I could not imagine him walking away form he horses which were clearly a part of his soul.

I gave him some space and time and then, knowing he was the perfect person for the job I offered him the opportunity to be trained by Equipe and to ultimately take on some of the fitting for us at Malvern Saddlery. It took a little convincing but after researching the brand and realizing what a privilege it would be to work with these saddles, I got a yes and here we are!

Paul has completed his training with the USA Director Joanna Dillon and has been on the road with me doing fittings for months now. It is clear he has a great natural eye and has learned the skills needed to go forward. He will be available starting January 2022 to schedule appointments for fittings in East Coast Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

December 16, 2021 by Jill Apfelbaum

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